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I invited Yvonne to help me through a tough “journey”.  I knew where I was heading but lacked the courage, tools & skills to get there. Yvonne metaphorically guided me through some unfamiliar and frightening terrain. At times I was overwhelmed, full of doubts & fears. At other times I reached milestones in my journey and felt encouraged inspired & hopeful. All the while as my therapist I could feel her cheering me on believing in me and my increasing abilities. Acknowledging my small but significant wins/progress was so powerful, I still remember that feeling today! We also laughed together too and shared some joyful moments. 

Happily my therapeutic journey is over, I arrived at my destination.  I’m entirely happy with where I am today.  But if i do have the odd wobble I set up a meeting with Yvonne and we work together on whatever I’m finding difficult. 

The marvellous thing about my therapeutic journey was how no matter how slow and imperceptible my progress seemed at times, I knew that there was no hurry. That in this work I set the pace and any pace was perfect.

So yes I recommend Yvonne. I did my research, whilst her experience & qualifications impressed me,  it was in how we were able to relate as two people and create an enjoyable trusting relationship that made the work so therapeutic and so fulfilling. 

Individual BD Fleet 2020

We came to you not because we were in crisis but because there had been a lot of changes in our relationship, in particular with the arrival of our first child.

We needed help to find new ways to communicate and to revive the spark that had been lost in the daily routine. You helped us to realise that honesty in a relationship is fundamental and that we needed to trust in each other and fight for what we wanted. We cannot thank you enough for teaching us to work with each other not against each other!

Of course – we still have our moments but we still refer back to the circle and the ego states when things get tough!!

A Couple' Fleet '09

 “When I first met Yvonne, I naively had an expectation that she could solve my problems and all would be well in my world. However, something more powerful than that happened…..I felt heard and valued!

I soon recognised that I had an opportunity to explore my thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a safe, warm and non-judgemental place and this felt comfortable to me.

I gradually identified that my journey of self-discovery had started, and with this, I began to find my own solutions. 

I continue to grow whilst still embracing personal therapy with Yvonne and feel truly grateful for her gentle guidance.

Individual AB 2021

Yvonne is approachable and has made me feel very comfortable. I have really benefitted from our sessions and Yvonne has helped me immensely. As a result of our counselling sessions I am now much more confident and have regained my self respect and self worth. I would not hesitate to recommend Yvonne to anyone.

Individual Fleet '09

We decided that as we were not getting on, we would have to separate. After being together for 20 years we wanted to give our marriage a last try and decided to attend counselling. We both found Yvonne to be extremely patient, sympathetic, impartial, empathic and great to work with.

Despite initial reservations about attending counselling we actually looked forward to seeing Yvonne.

Without Yvonne, we were very likely to separate. Thanks to her, our marriage is so much stronger than before and we have no intention of separating!

A Couple' Fleet '09

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